Thursday, September 15, 2011

Five months is a long time....

As you all know, I've been working on the Back on My Sweets book for about 5 months now.  Do you know how long 5 months is, that's 152.184249 days according to my very large and important calculator.  

What can you do in 5 months really, well, I looked it up and 
  • It's enough time for a sheep to get pregnant and then have a little sheep baby. 
  • You can watch What About Bob two thousand two hundred thirteen times.
  • Nine and a half trips around the world.
  • Three thirty seconds of a Twinkie's shelf life.
In that time, I pitched my idea to Back on My Feet to make sure they were along for the ride, gathered a team of talented artists and bakers, and got to work slaving away.  My intention was for each recipe to be illustrated in any medium, so that while you are baking, you can enjoy beautiful artwork.  Or just lick the bowl like I do!  Many of my neighbors, roommates, and running friends were subjected to tasting muffins, but I don't really think they minded.  I knew I was in muffin overload when coworkers and roommates would greet me by asking if I had any muffins.  Ummm, yeh, Hi to you too...  Do I look like the muffin lady, apparently so!  Max, my dog, even got in on the action, as I added in a muffin recipe just for dogs.  He thanked me in WOOFS!     

Soooo....  I buckled down and ordered the proof last night and then celebrated by NOT making muffins!  The book should be here in 6 business days.  This will be the longest 6 business days of my life, ever.  So stay tuned for more updates on the book and tidbits about the artists and bakers that helped out with Back on My Sweets!