Monday, December 19, 2011

Listen Up!

Hey all!  So if you weren't glued to the WMFO radio this past Saturday, you can listen here!  Make sure you click on Play Archive to listen to Saturday 12/17's show.

Check out past and upcoming shows for Novel Songs!  Catherine is a great host and we had a blast chatting about Back on My Sweets, Back on My Feet, and Like Water for Chocolate!  I won't spoil the ending in Like Water for Chocolate, it's a must read if you love symbolism, family secrets and broken taboos.     

Just a runner with a sweet tooth!    

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tufts Radio Station - Novel Songs

Some crazy good things are happening in the land of Back on My Sweets!  I'll be on the Tufts Radio (91.5 wmfo) this Saturday, 10 AM!  Catherine Maldonado has a show called Novel Songs where she creates playlists on to go along with fictional novels she reads each week.  I love her choice of songs, and her choice in literature isn't too shabby either.  We are going to discuss the book, Like Water for Chocolate, and then of course we'll be chatting about Back on My Sweets

I'm having flashbacks to Schweddy Balls episodes on SNL

If you haven't read Like Water for Chocolate, it's a great short read that will be enjoyed by all romantics regardless of age, gender or culture. It is a tale of true love, family traditions and family secrets. Laura Esquirel writes in a most unique style, giving the reader "monthly installments" of "recipes and home remedies."

So stay tuned (literally!!), I'll be posting the link to the radio show as soon as it airs.  Or you can listen here if you've got 10AM on Saturday free! 

Just a runner with a sweet tooth!