Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Yup, Interview Time!

Featured Artist: Maryjean Crowe

I've known Maryjan since my existence at Stonehill College.  She was one of my college art professors and has impacted my life in so many ways.  I've kept in touch because (A) she creates beautiful, amazing, mixed media, 3-dimensional pieces that boggle my mind.  You can stare at her work for ever it seems and never actually see everything.  At second glance, there's always something delightful you probably missed! (B) is inspiring on so many levels, and (C) has super, curly, wavy hair just like me!  Us wavy hair girls gotta stick together!  So when the idea for the book came along, I knew instantly I wanted something from Maryjean.  She helped create a mixed media photo collage for the doggie muffin recipe!  She even had a spare moment to answer some questions....

Here's Maryjean's contribution to the book! 

So here goes!

What would be the title of your memoir?  
Be forgiving and die living.

When did you know you were an artist?
Out of the womb.

Where does your inspiration come from?
Nature, the garden, dreams, swimming under water, and looking at the night sky.

Describe your creative process...
a) begin....somewhere.
b) get aggravated and chop up the work.
c) throw it out!
d) retrieve it and assemble back together.
e) get aggravated and plaster/paint over it.
d) sand it back down to see what gets re-revealed!
g) draw/paint on top of it.
h) keep going.

What is your mantra about art and life?
Be brave.  I can make it work.

What is one artistic tool you can't live without?
Scotch Tape.

I'm diggin' Maryjean's creative process!  Check out her website, to see her creative process and digs!  Look for Maryjean's art in Back on My Sweets, she designed the Peanut Butter Carrot Cake Muffins.  Max (the dog!) sure enjoyed them!  Woof!

Just a runner with a sweet tooth!


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